Stone and Barbell Club, LLC

Olympic Weightlifting

(7) Olympic Weightlifting Platforms w/Squat Racks + (1) Jerk Blocks Platform 

Over 1,200kg (2,640lbs) of bumper plates (Pendlay Elite, Werksan and Eleiko Training)

20kg Men's bearing and bushing bars (Pendlay, Werksan, and Eleiko) 

15kg Women's bearing and bushing bars (Pendlay, Rogue and Eleiko) 

Jerk Blocks and Pulling Blocks (4"-22")


(2) IPF-style Competition Bench/Squat Racks

(2) Power Cages w/Deadlift Platforms

(5) Squat Racks w/Deadlift Platforms 

Over 800kg (1,760lbs) of Calibrated Powerlifting Plates (Eleiko)

Over 2,000lbs of Olympic Standard Metal Plates  

45lbs Texas Power Bars, Deadlift Bar, Safety Squat Bar, Trap Bar 

Bands, Chains, Board Presses, Deadlift Blocks 

Strength & Conditioning

Concept 2 Rower

Glute Ham Developer

Reverse Hyper 


Flat and Incline Benches 

Lat Pulldown (plate loaded)

Low Row (plate loaded)

Push/Pull Sled


Mobility Equipment 

Strongman Implements: Log Press, Axles, Farmers, Stones, Kegs, Yoke, Rope, Tire, H-Stone…

USA Weightlifting Club

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