Olympic Weightlifting
(8) Olympic Weightlifting Platforms with Squat Racks
Dedicated Jerk Blocks Platform
Over 1,200 kg (2,640 lbs) of Eleiko, Werksan, Ivanko, York and Pendlay Elite Bumper Plates
20 kg Men's Eleiko, Werksan, Uesaka, and Pendlay Barbells
15 kg Women's Eleiko, Rogue and Pendlay Barbells
Pulling Blocks (4" - 26")
(2) USAPL/IPF-style Competition Bench/Squat Combination Racks
(2) Power Cages with Deadlift Platforms
(6) Squat Racks with Deadlift Platforms
Over 800 kg (1,760 lbs) of Eleiko Calibrated Powerlifting Plates
Texas Power and Deadlift Bars
Bands, Chains, Board Presses, Deadlift Blocks
Strength & Conditioning
Specialty Bars: Safety Squat Bar, Trap Bar, Curl Bar, Camber Squat Bar, Deadlift Bars, Multi-Grip and Neutral Bars, 2" Thick Bar

Strongman Equipment: Circus Dumbbell, Yoke, Atlas Stones, Kegs, Rope, Sleds, Farmers Walk, Axle Press, 10" and 12" Log Press

Leg Press

Concept 2 Rower
Glute Ham Developer
Reverse Hyper
Flat and Adjustable Incline Benches
Lat Pulldown
Low Row
Chest-Supported T-Bar Row
Push/Pull Sleds
Dip Bar
Pull Up Bars